LocationKimberley, BCClientPrivate ResidenceServicesCustom Home Design & BuildYear2023

Using as much natural material as possible on both the exterior and interior of the house, we wanted to design a space that would be beautiful, but also function well as a family home.

We didn’t want there to be any mysterious details, with big, sprawling, overhangs and cantilevers — but rather to showcase the beauty of traditional architecture, timber accents, and roof lines that make sense.

It was really important to focus on each space, having its own defined role.

The kitchen has high wood ceilings and simple yet beautiful finishings. It acts as a communal gathering place that brings together family and friends. It’s where we cook our food and nourish our family; but most significantly, it’s the hub of the house where many conversations are had, meals are eaten, and quality time is spent gathered around the island.

When you step into the entryway, you are in a designated zone where you can comfortably shed your shoes and jacket. You start getting a feel for the house, but it doesn’t spill all its secrets right away. The rest of the space is hidden giving you this sense of mystery and excitement as you walk in.

The living room leans into a cozy vibe with an intentionally lowered ceiling and a woodstove as the centrepiece of the room. The living room showcases our handcrafted built-in furniture, which extends through the common areas of the house. Many pieces inside the house we made by hand in our workshop; the timber from the roof structure matches the material that we used for the record player, floating shelf, bench, and features around the staircase.

Located on the main floor, the primary bedroom is seamlessly connected to the ensuite bathroom, cleverly serving dual functions as a powder room accessible from the living room.

The kids’ bedrooms are upstairs on either end of the house with a spacious communal area at the center. High ceilings and skylights fill their communal space with abundant natural light.

A breezeway connects the office and shop, enabling those working in these spaces to operate independently and efficiently without being completely cut off from the rest of the home.

The intentional placement of windows throughout the home allowed us to play with sunlight throughout the day and frame specific views and trees we wanted to see from inside.

All of the flooring is solid Douglas Fir 1×4 boards and the siding is solid 1×4 cedar — all of which was harvested here in the Kooteney‘s and machined at local family-owned sawmills in a sustainable manner.

We view this house as a functional and beautiful space to raise our family and embrace Kimberley, BC as our new home.